Theoretically parties exist to coagulate as many diverse ‘interests’ and initiatives as possible and represent them on the political stage.

At some point all this has morphed into what we have now, when parties fight one another as if they were enemies, not interdependent limbs of the same social organism, “the people”.

This is ‘a fine example’ of the end-result:

“Committee Democrats have spent more than five years working on a report about the C.I.A.’s detention and interrogation program during the Bush administration, which employed brutal interrogation methods like waterboarding. Parts of that report, which concluded that the techniques yielded little valuable information and that C.I.A. officials consistently misled the White House and Congress about the efficacy of the techniques, are expected to be made public some time this month. Committee Republicans withdrew from the investigation, saying that it was a partisan smear and without credibility because it was based solely on documents and that there were no plans to interview C.I.A. officers who ran the program.”
(In fact it’s not the entire CIA that spied on the Senate, just a few concerned individuals who were embroiled in the mess. Why did they accept/performed their roles in the first place … that’s another question… And why does the media present this situation as if the entire CIA is to be blamed is another… Afterall ‘waterboarding’ was a political decision that has to be assumed as such. Puting the whole blame on the shoulders of the ‘people in the field’ is pure cowardry. They might not be angels but…)

Inquiry by C.I.A. Affirms It Spied on Senate Panel