Petros Jordan

For a relatively tiny continent, Europe has an abundance of divisions.  Ethnicity, religion, weather, and even food have divided Europe along common fault lines throughout its history.  The chart below, taken from Yanko Tsveltkov’s Atlas of Prejudice 2, is a satirically over-broad depiction of some of the most salient of divisions.  It is meant to be overly simplified to the point of absurdity, poking fun at those who hold such blunt prejudices about large swaths of territory, so please do not take offense.

20 Ways to Slice Europe (From “Atlas of Prejudice 2”, by Yanko Tsvetkov, via

For many of these maps, however, there is a kernel of truth.  My mother’s ancestors hail from Greece, and my father’s from England, which are two countries which could not be more diametrically opposed within Europe.  Indeed, in the chart below, Greece and England are on different sides in 19 of the…

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