I have great respect for Fareed Zakaria, I’ve been following him for at least twenty years.
That doesn’t mean that we always see things the same way…
He recently published “America’s educational failings” in the Washington Post. To me at least it represents a very balanced analysis of what ‘s currently going on. And yet!

“…if we really want to reduce inequality, we need to reform the system,….
And here is where we start to disagree!
Trying to ‘reduce inequality’ implies a lot of arrogance: it means we know where the inequality level should be and that we are confident enough that our actions would beneficial. (To whom?)
How about setting a more modest goal, long term survival?
In fact some inequality is good, it motivates people. Too much inequality, on the other hand, induces social fragility – the country actually falls apart.
The symptom that things have started to go south is ‘mass dependency’ – too many individuals cannot fend for themselves and depend on others, government or private charity, for daily survival. The tax payers, those who have to foot the bill, start to rebel while the recipients grow despondent. This has happened time and time again, from Ancient Rome to modern days communist states.
So yes, education is the only way out but we have to be very careful what we teach to the young generations.
Telling them to hunt for equality is one thing, encouraging them to better themselves by offering them a level playing field with low (or even 0) entrance fee and a lot of opportunities is quite another.