“”There are people who do things for fear of the lash.

There are people who do things for fear they will lose their families or their lives. There are people bought and sold. Are they not slaves?”

“They are slaves to their passion. Their fear rules them. What power do you have over me if I am not afraid of your lash? Am I your slave, if I am not afraid to lose my family? I obey you, faithfully, completely, because I choose to; am I your slave? And when you come to hate me for my freedom, which is greater than yours, and you command me to do what I will not do, then I stand before you in disobedience. Punish me, then; I choose to be punished. And if the punishment is more than I am willing to accept, then I will use such force as is necessary to stop the punishment, and no more. But never, for a moment, have I done anything but what I choose to do.”

“Then no one is as strong as you.”

“Not so. I’ve given my obedience to God, and use my best judgment to carry out his purpose, when I have some understanding of it. But those who have chosen to give their obedience to their passion, or to their memory, they freely choose to obey. The glutton freely overfills his belly, the pederast feeds on innocence, and the fearful man obeys his fear-freely.”

“You make it sound as if our desires were separate from ourselves.”

“They are. And if you don’t know that, then you might well become Unwyrm’s slave after all.”

“I know something of the doctrine of the Vigilants.”

“I am not talking about a school of doctrine. I’m talking about the answer I gave Heffiji. The reason Unwyrm calls to me.””


This excerpt is from “Wyrms” by, of course, Orson Scott Card and the reason for which Unwyrm, the bad character, ‘called’ every individual with some  real understanding of the world was that Unwyrm was trying to institute the ultimate dictatorship upon the planet Imakulata: Imagine a place run by a species whose members share a common consciousness and know all that has been discovered about that place.