Premonition or what?

And now, thirty years later, Merkel is pissed off because her phone was tapped. By none other but the ally who saved her part of Germany from being completely overrun by the Soviets and who organized the Berlin  Airlift.

History moves along very twisted paths indeed. Otto von Bismarck, the first German Chancellor, came up with the concept of Realpolitick and his ‘great-great-daughter’ gets to feel it being applied to her own mobile phone. It probably was very strange for her to find out that her American Allies behaved no differently than her ‘beloved’ Stasi did… Realpolitick or not, sometimes its smell is not at all prety.

Well, get used to it. I just found out – that’s what friends are for – that our forays into the world wide web are “Tracked without traces”. So no matter what we do it’s recorded someplace. In a way it’s not at all new, two or three hundreds ago – when we still lived in close knit communities – everybody who was paying any attention knew what everybody else was doing.
Coincidentally  or not the big social, scientific and technological breakthroughs happened only after humanity grew out of this phase of its development but there still are a lot of people who deplore the ‘good old times’ when mores were not corrupted by modernity.

And there is some truth is this also. Corruption – altering the original meaning/use/destination of something so that the perpetrator gets undue benefits – is our main method of shooting ourselves in the foot.