I was watching an episode from ‘Ghost Whisperer’ on AXN when a certain (evil) character said: “All I have to do is convince them!”
And then I realized that in reality the devil is powerless. In order for anything evil to happen a human has to make the decision: the serpent only told them what to do, it was Adam and Eve who did bite into the apple.
And the same for any-other bad thing that comes into being. For one reason or another a wicked thought might come into my mind but it is my ‘reasonable’ self that ‘validates’ it and turns it into an action.

And then how come there are humans who feel free or even compelled ‘to do the right thing’ unto the other without his prior consent or sometimes even against his expressed refusal?
From baptizing the two weeks olds under the conviction that unbaptized toddlers go directly to hell if they happen to die to the innumerable rules and regulations imposed unto the unsuspicious citizen by the overbearing modern state.