Mornings are a very special time for me and my wife.
I drive her to work and those 15 minutes are a very good opportunity for us to empty our souls to each other.
“I’m sad and disorientated” she said to me today. Yesterday she had found in her mail a newspaper article, in Romanian, about the 12 million Germans, 15% of the population, that are living at or under the poverty line and she had forwarded it to me. “Yeah, I know, who would have thought of this?”
“Well, I pity those people, of course, but I’m more concerned about what will happen here, in Romania!”
“You see, until I had read that article I nurtured the notion that if we clean up our act and start working really hard we may narrow, in time, the gap that separates us from the rest of Europe. But now, after finding out that even Germany is going southward… I don’t know anymore… I even started to wonder what kind of world is our son going to live in?!?”


I looked into this a little deeper and I became even more worried: “Life in Europe’s “squeezed middle” ”  Please notice that this ‘news’ is already two and a half  years old!

She is right, my wife. Where are we going to?