“Dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum”
This was the original.
We chose to keep only ‘cogito ergo sum’ and be extremely proud of the fact the humans are the only animals able to reason.
There is a small video that makes me wonder.…(You can enjoy all of it later, for the purpose of this post please watch from 28:01 to 32:00)
The way I see it the monkey IS able to reason only it is unable to refrain itself, When the situation called for a ‘cold reasoning’ – the one when only numbers where involved, not real candy – he displayed the same kind of reasoning as we do.

By contrast it is us, humans, that have the unique ability to think discursively – please see one of my previous posts about this – and hence the possibility to ask ourselves “what if?”
Maybe this is what Descartes wanted to convey to us, that it is our capacity to ‘dubito’ that makes us humans, after all.

PS. Here you have the full transcription of that video.