This post was spurred by a very interesting exchange on the FB: 

“Why do people choose negativity over positivity?”

Well… probably because if you pay attention to the ‘wrongs’ of this world you  increase your chances of survival so we are somehow conditioned for this, simply because more of those who don’t die earlier than those who do….

And this brings me to ‘why survive?’

Simple, this is the only way you can enjoy ‘happiness’.

So are we entitled to do whatever, I mean absolutely whatever, in order to survive? Well…
For one it depends on what one understands about survival. For me it isn’t enough to be alive. I also need to be able to meet myself inside my consciousness without being ashamed of myself.
But there is also another reason for us to behave. A normal society responds quickly when individuals start acting in ways that endanger the survival of others.

So what is left of ‘pursuit of happiness’? Maybe this a misunderstanding. If we believe ‘happiness’ to be a valid goal in life then we’ll try to maximize it, sometimes – because we are not ‘perfect’ – at the expense of our survive-ability: we smoke, we eat and drink too much, we do drugs…

What about understanding ‘happiness’ as an indicator for ‘being on the right track’ for long time survival? What about using the good-feeling sensation we experience when we are having a nice meal as an indicator that we had enough instead of an incentive to continue gorging?.

For more information about how to be happy in a ‘survivable’ way try Csikszentmihalyi’s “Flow”.