I found this image here:

Eric Toole ( commented: “Stan, here in the southeast, the conventional seeded fields are easy to see. They have weeds in them. It has been proven that 100 weeds per acre can lower yields as much as 10%. Not to mention the farm material (weed trash/seed) that is in the harvested crop. I am not a researcher, though I have 2 degrees from UF. I am a FARMER! I live in the real world, on the front lines & not as a “free thinker” that believes that a farmer can live on nothing. I am in the business to make money!”

And here is my comment:
“” I am a FARMER! …. I am in the business to make money!”
Pity me! Until now I was thinking that farmers were in the business of growing food…
OK, growing food efficiently! In the sense that prices should cover the costs and the farmer should reap a big enough profit  to make a decent living. 
The problem with ‘being in the business to make money’ is that very soon the main goal (decent food) gets sidetracked by ‘money’ and this is how (potentially harmful) GMOs came into existence.”