I’ve just sent a comment to the guy who posted this: 


“Those with the best computers can simply calculate wealth and power away from ordinary people.”

First of all you seem to equate power with wealth. It may not always be the case. Power, in order to be effective, must be acquiesced.
Wealth can be of two kinds: hoarded resources, say wheat, which must be guarded and preserved or ‘cash’. The first kind is valuable only as long as somebody else needs it while the second … is valuable only as long somebody trusts the entity that coined the ‘paper’ in which the said wealth is expressed.
There also exists an intermediary kind of wealth, stock or financial papers – futures, options and the like – they are also valuable only as long this papers are ‘enforcible’.
In fewer words power and wealth are relative to what people involved think/understand/feel about what is going on.


As to ‘free information’… In the natural world everything has a price and is scarce. One has to ‘work’ in order to get food, build a shelter and keep warm. Even breathing takes some effort. By contrast information comes for free: you get your ADN and your initial education shoved on you from your parents (they even don’t care to ask for your consent about this) and from there on you get bombarded by free information: you see, hear, taste, smell and feel without any effort. Only modern man understood that there is something to be gained from controlling information and invented tuition, copy-rights, patents…”